Growth Exited
Year of investment: 2013
About the company:

Gaudrė is the leading light engineering company in Lithuania that operates top notch light analysing solution unique to the Baltics. Based on its strong technical and architectural competence, Gaudrė offers a wide portfolio of consultancy, lighting systems and products to its customers. This includes tailor made solutions.

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Tags: lighting specialists; lighting integration; business and industrial services; retail sale of lighting equipment; b2b; b2c; construction; local;

Exit: 2018 to Würth Group

News: Practica Capital exit: Würth Group will acquire 100% of Gaudrė shares 

25 metus švenčiantis apšvietimo lyderis iššūkių nebijo

„Practica Capital“ už 2,1 mln. Lt įsigijo „Gaudrės“ mažumos paketą

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