Year of investment:  2016
About the company:

RoyaltyRange is a tax data analytics company providing premier quality data to industry leading multinational enterprises, global consulting companies, international law firms, government authorities and universities for a number of purposes, including transfer pricing analysis, valuation of intangibles, benchmarking studies, patent box analysis, introducing royalty payments, setting royalty rates, drafting license agreements, determining common agreement terms, expert testimony and litigation, consulting and other.

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Tags: intellectual property royalty rates; loan interest rates, services agreements, data for tax, transfer pricing, valuation, legal and benchmarking; internet technologies; data processing; data; analytics; directory; database; b2b; saas; consulting; 

Co-investors: angels

News: IP licensing database Royalty Range raises €0.4M from Practica Capital

„Practica Capital“ investuoja į „RoyaltyRange“


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