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Year of investment: 2015
About the company:

TableAir provides IoT enabled SaaS solution for office resource management. It has developed a solution that integrates workspaces (furniture and meeting rooms) into a single workplace operating system (IoT Sensors, cloud SaaS and dedicated mobile app). The aim of their fully integrated solution is to increase employee engagement with their workplace environment. By connecting all mobile devices to furniture sensors, employees and managers can access and manage their physical working environment from wherever they are, at any time of the day. TableAir provides a truly employee-centric office experience that can increase sense of community and improve employee retention and health. Analytic tools help to guide workplace strategy and reduce utilization costs.

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Tags: workspaces; workplaces; analytics; hardware; enterprise software; cloud; saas; internet of things; apps; furniture; b2b; manufacturing; office; office resource management;

Co-investors: Midform Group, angels

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