Seed Growth
Year of investment: 2013
About the company:

Trafi is the world's most accurate public transport app. It is transforming into urban mobility as a service (MaaS) that integrates all transport types of urban commuter enabling her/him to compare and select the optimal way to get from point A to point B. It connects and compares his/her favourite city mobility options from public transport and city bikes to car sharing or ride-hailing always showing them in real-time and allowing to compare every option in terms of efficiency, speed or price. Trafi launched one of the world’s first urban MaaS platforms in Vilnius (second after Helsinki) to test and pivot for scale-up in its other markets worldwide. 

Founded in 2013, today Trafi is available in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, United States and expanding. Trafi was the Best Travel Planner during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, officially chosen by Rio de Janeiro’s Cidade Olímpica, featured 6 times in the App Store and 2014 app of the year in Turkey App Store.

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Tags: urban journey planner & public transport app; end-user software; computer programming activities; mobility-as-a-service; maas; smart cities; b2c; b2b; freemium; travel; mobile; social travel; public transportation; gps; navigation; maps; machine learning; urban mobility; deep tech; artificial intelligence; self-driving vehicles; car sharing; cycling; walking; journey; smart; public; tourism;

Co-investors: Octopus Ventures, EBRD Venture Capital, BaltCap, angels


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