CGTrader, an online marketplace for 3D models, raises €185K from Practica Capital

As 3D printing and modelling move into the mainstream, it’s interesting to see the rise of small players in the market and the capital raised. Take, for example, CGTrader. Originally designed as a marketplace for 3D designers and artists, it’s just raised nearly 200,000 euro from Practica Capital, a fund in Lithuania. Founded by Marius Kalytis, the company is based in Vilnius.

Most of the models are highly detailed objects aimed at video game creators and other 3D works. However, because a 3D model is a 3D model is a 3D model, CGTrader is able to sell almost any virtual object.

A major problem in the 3D model industry is notoriously low royalty rates for designers and artists – the creator of the model frequently receives only 40-60% of sale proceeds, or, in order to earn more, is often bound by exclusivity requirements. This makes selling 3D models online not a very attractive activity for designers, and therefore limits the potential of industry growth,” said Kalytis. He said the CGTrader is “a fair, author-friendly marketplace”

The company takes 6% of any sale and they can use the platform to support their customers when they have issues or queries.

“The funding will be used for developing the marketplace from the technical perspective, building the community further, and, most importantly, expanding distribution channels for our designers – including 3D printing,” said Kalytis. It’s one small step for 3D models of horses, one giant leap for the monetization of the 3D-printing as a holistic market.



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