IP licensing database Royalty Range raises €0.4M from Practica Capital

Venture capital & private equity firm Practica Capital invested €0.4M in RoyaltyRange to develop solutions and increase global reach of the business.   

RoyaltyRange provides licensing data to industry leading multinational enterprises, global consulting companies, international law firms, government authorities and universities globally.

“We are excited about our cooperation with Practica Capital,” said Asta Rudzikiene, co-founder of RoyaltyRange. “In addition to our growing business, we have several new project pipelines and perform significant R&D. We develop new standards and mostly this is uncharted waters, so we need all the support and skills we can get. Practica Capital is an experienced investor and business partner that we very much look forward to co-operating with”.

In the rapidly changing International taxation landscape and emerging new requirements for multinational enterprises, RoyaltyRange builds its markets, clientele, and reputation of the premium quality data provider. 

“Great products, great customers, and a great team to deliver the products that the customers need,” said Asta Rudzikiene about RoyaltyRange. “Our company has a broader business view and tailored premium product offering that creates value to the customer and makes a difference in the industry.”

“We are excited to partner with RoyaltyRange, its highly professional team and to contribute to the business expansion of the company. We believe that the shared knowledge, management experience and vision of both teams will deliver a great value to the company, its clients and overall growth of the business. We have the combined skills, tools and team to live up to that vision and deliver results. We have some hard work ahead of us, but we are happy to take this journey with RoyaltyRange and build great value,” said Silvestras Tamutis, Partner at Practica Capital.

About RoyaltyRange:

RoyaltyRange provides data for setting, benchmarking and assessing royalty rates for intellectual property. RoyaltyRange provides the clients with a wide range of services, including benchmarking studies, research and data collection, the performance of agreement search based on the criteria provided by the client and subscriptions to the database. The proprietary database operated by the company consists of royalty rate reports that contain manually gathered and analysed data, so each report is a result of a deep and thorough analysis. Data and services provided by RoyaltyRange are used for various purposes: transfer pricing analysis, benchmarking studies, patent box analysis, valuation of intangibles, license agreement drafting and negotiation, infringement damage calculation, expert testimony and litigation. All data contained in the database is fully compliant with the latest OECD BEPS Guidance. For more information visit www.royaltyrange.com

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