Neematic FR/1 ebike review: ‘You’ll want to wear a proper helmet’

At what point does a bike become a motorbike? Around about here. Meet the Neematic FR/1 – the world’s most powerful electric bike. It does have pedals, but that’s where the similarity to a push bike ends – and no other electric bike offers such phenomenally instant acceleration. It’ll hit a top speed of 50mph, has a range of 60 miles and the performance is so gut-wrenching you’ll need a pannier to keep your stomach in. The FR/1 has both throttle twist and pedal-assist power modes. It’s been built for pure off-road fun, without the hassle of maintaining a petrol unit. You can easily transport it on a bicycle rack and quickly charge the removable battery. It comes with full suspension and arresting brakes. You’ll definitely want to wear a proper helmet.

Price: £7,075
Top speed : 50mph
Weight: 52kg
Engine: 15kW
Range: 60 miles


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