New investment of Practica Capital: essential liquid meal for office people

Practica Capital invests €120k of seed capital in Hello Hungry accelerated in The pre-sale of liquid meals developed by Hello Hungry starts today on Indiegogo.

Hello Hungry – essential liquid meal for office people, who spent most of the workday sedentary, behind the computer screen. New product tackles hunger in a healthy way and it is a great alternative to usual unhealthy snacks.

“With modern working conditions, we have all faced the problem where we’ve skipped meals or ate something unhealthy to beat hunger while busy at the office”, - said Adomas Pranevicius, co-founder of Hello Hungry. “People don’t have time to eat a proper meal so they tend to eat unhealthy snacks to quickly fill up. These bad choices hurt health and productivity at the office, so we set out to create a healthy solution.”

„We are very happy about our collaboration with Practica Capital and accelerator – in addition to financial background, the knowledge we receive is priceless“, - added Pranevicius. „It is very important when your investor trusts you and your decisions, that is why we believe in future success of this collaboration“

After 10 months of hard work Hello Hungry is ready for consumers and today it started its pre-sales event on Indiegogo. Future plans of the start-up is to offer Hello Hungry to office people in London and later enter other cities around the world.

“Nutrition problems at work are relevant in the whole world, this creates big opportunities for Hello Hungry to succeed. We are proud of the work we have done together with Practica Capital and, and plan to continue it in the future.” - highlighted A. Pranevicius

Hello Hungry’s Indiegogo campaign will run until May 31st, 2015 where a number of different packages are available for order. For more information visit


About Hello Hungry:

Hello Hungry (Cibus liquidus UAB) is a start-up, that creates healthy food solutions for office people. First product is a healthy drinkable meal that tackles hunger and features nutritional ingredients to improve eye sight, heart and brain health -- the most common health issues that office workers face today. Made with buckwheat, fruits, vegetables, vitamins minerals and omega-3, Hello Hungry is formulated to keep busy professionals full for a number of hours when they are often stuck at their computers for long periods without a break. For more information visit


About Practica Capital and

Practica Capital is a venture capital firm established in 2011 by investment professionals and entrepreneurs who exited their businesses. The firm manages EUR 6 million Practica Seed Capital fund  and EUR 15.7 million Practica Venture Capital fund, both established under the JEREMIE initiative, managed by EIF and financed from the EU Structural Funds under 2007-2013 Economic Growth Operational Programme of Lithuania. Funds provide early- and later-stage financing to Lithuanian SMEs focusing on innovative and high-growth potential businesses. Practica Capital also runs business accelerator, which helps young businesses to realise high growth potential. By the end of March 2015, Practica Capital signed 38 investments for EUR 12.8 million in 31 portfolio company from different sectors. For more information visit and

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