Trafi raises US$7M Series B, launches urban mobility as a service

Trafi has raised additional US$7M during Series B inside round from Octopus Ventures and EBRD Venture Capital with a total of US$15M raised to date. 

It has also launched one of the world’s first urban mobility as a service (MaaS) platform in Vilnius (second after Helsinki) to be tested and pivoted for scale in its other markets worldwide. The platform integrates various transport types of urban commuter enabling her/him to compare and select the optimal way to get from point A to point B. It connects and compares his/her favourite city mobility options from public transport and city bikes to car sharing or ride-hailing always showing them in real-time. Trafi allows the user to compare every option in terms of efficiency, speed or price. It is also accurate without internet connection.

In Vilnius, in addition to the public transport, Trafi has integrated car sharing options like CityBee and Spark, ride-hailing options from Uber and eTransport. They are also working to integrate eTaksi, Taxify and other transport options. Moreover, users are able to pay for the trip, activate tickets, show them to a ticket inspector all through Trafi app. 

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