Welcoming Our New Investment Manager in Estonia: Helery Pops


At Practica Capital, we've always been about more than just writing checks. We're all about building real partnerships with the rockstar founders who are shaping the future of tech in the Baltics. From the very beginning, founders and their ambitions have been at the core of our strategy. This is why we want to be closer, right there, on the ground, building global success stories from the Baltics together. 

Therefore, we are thrilled to announce a significant addition to our team as we expand our presence in the region by welcoming Helery Pops, our new Investment Manager in Estonia. With this move, our goal of being a pan-Baltic VC firm, with boots on the ground in all three Baltic states has now become a reality. We’re here to roll up our sleeves, connect with local founders, and give them the support they need to make the magic happen. 

Meet Helery Pops 

We are excited to introduce you to Helery Pops - a true local ecosystem insider, someone who knows the ins and outs of the startup world from both sides of the table. With a versatile background that spans operational roles in a unicorn company Pipedrive and running a VC fund for the past three years, Helery brings valuable perspectives and insights to the discussion. Her understanding of the Estonian & Baltic markets, combined with her passion for nurturing startups, makes Helery the perfect fit for our team. But it's not just about the numbers and experience, it's the character and her down-to-earth approach that perfectly aligns with our ethos. 

She's also one of the driving forces behind the Startup Regatta, where investors and founders gather together for a moment not talk about valuations and revenue. If you haven't heard about this event you must check it out and take part in it next year. 

3 Qs with Helery 

Tell us about your journey into the world of venture capital. What motivated you to pursue this career path? Why have you decided to join Practica? 

My career started at Pipedrive. Although I had studied finances and accounting in Madrid, I knew I just wanted to work somewhere exciting. I did not want to be in finances per se. So, I joined Pipedrive and loved every moment of it.  

After Pipedrive I joined Ampler Bikes as their mission spoke to me. I believe that we need fewer cars and more people on the streets. But when Ragnar Sass called me to start a fund together, I realized that my impact could be bigger as an investor. His offer to do great things together was the first time I started seriously thinking about venture capital - how I can be useful for founders and support them in building life-changing technologies. We have been active with Honey Badger Capital for 3 years and it has been a path of constant learning. Joining Practica seems like the next logical step in this journey - to do what I have done, but even bigger and faster.  

2. In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the Estonian startup ecosystem right now, and how Practica can contribute to addressing them? 

I foresee Estonia becoming a Mecca of sustainability solutions. There's money for it, there's appetite to make a difference and there are people who have seen how startups are built - so they are equipped to build them themselves. I really hope we can take advantage of this situation to the fullest. I fear, however, that we are missing talented engineers to build these technologies and help them grow. This is a challenge to the entire community of investors - how do we attract even more talent to Estonia? I believe we're ready to tackle it together.  

3. Beyond your professional pursuits, we'd love to get to know you on a personal level. What founders should know about you? 

I like to use either sailing or surfing metaphors in everything I do. And I will put a picture of my dog in most presentations I make. I will arrive at the meeting on a bike and it will most probably take place at Fotografiska. I believe in working together with others and that you can't always see the good coming from your work right away.  

The road ahead 

Donatas Keras, Partner at Practica Capital: 

“Our commitment as Baltic VC extends beyond the companies we invest in, and we confirm it through our team. Diversity of thought, expertise, and geographical reach are essential for our goals. This team expansion ensures that we will be much more actively engaged within the ecosystems of each Baltic country. We are happy to have Helery on board at the helm of our Estonian operations, and I'm confident this partnership will be empowering and benefit all the stakeholders.” 

Soon we are expecting a second closing of our €70 million target size early-stage fund Practica Venture Capital III. And now, with a dedicated presence in all three Baltic countries, we're even better equipped to spot, fund, and support Baltic founders. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania, Practica is your trusty partner on your venture. Let's have a conversation and let's work together to build the next generation of global success stories right here in the Baltics. And don’t forget to give a high-five to Helery, who's all set to rock the Estonian startup scene as part of #PracticaTeam!

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