Zero Parallax among Top 33 most-promising Sweden‘s tech startups


Sweden‘s tech magazine Ny Teknik and business magazine Affärsvärlden, for the eleventh consecutive year, presented a Top 33 list of Sweden’s most promising startups. Practica Capital portfolio company Zero Parallax, a company that develops the image capture technology for virtual reality and industrial applications, got noticed for their groundbreaking technology and made the list.

The company is called Zero Parallax and the name says what it's all about: with their technology, film producers release the parallax errors that can occur when using multiple cameras. But in addition to the special lenses, Zero Parallax makes further groundbreaking technology that will be included in their cameras. It is simplified that the images taken with Zero Parallax cameras capture measurable data.

The company sees many applications, including remote control, self-propelled vehicles and construction projects. Today, they have already started few partnerships with global camera manufacturers and plans to manufacture their own professional cameras designed for Hollywood studios and major television production companies in Europe. This new type of camera lens saves both time and money.

Leaders in the field

The Top 33 list was made by Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden's editors, with the aim to identify the young technology companies in Sweden who have the greatest opportunity to become leaders in their field. This year there are some clear trends among the 33 technology companies in the list: data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The technology areas range from energy solutions, biotechnology and robotics to IT security, image analysis, voice analysis and logistics solutions. But all 33 companies have one thing in common: they are based on their own technical innovation that has the potential to reach an international market.


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